New Bands = Shit, Says Corey Slipknot



Corey Taylor

reckons record labels are to blame for the industry-wide fall in album sales, and says they should stop blaming people who download music illegally.

He told Kerrang!: "Why would you blame [people who download music]? Half the fucking albums that are out there are shit. I don't download, but at the same time, I don't buy new music cause it all sucks."

How went on to say that illegal downloading isn't to blame for falling sales - it's the fact that all new music is crap...

"People wanna blame the decline of album sales on downloading, I think it's actually the record companies' fault. I think it's the quality of the product. If record companies would stop giving any fucking mook on the street with a fringe a record deal, maybe you would sell more fucking albums, dipshits."

Elsewhere in the metal fraternity, drummer Lars Ulrich wishes someone would take Metallica's crown as Kings of Metal because he's getting too old and needs a good rest.

"I was thinking the other day about how everyone expects us to continue to release albums that define the genre, to 'save' metal," he told The Guardian. "And that's a lot of fucking pressure, really. Why hasn't anyone dethroned us yet?

"I'm 44 years old, I've got three kids... It's a little difficult to revisit the vibe of 20 years ago when you're living in a two-bedroom suite at Claridge's."

Life is tough when you're a multi-millionaire rockstar.