Keef To Give Away His Guitars?

Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards might be giving away his guitar collection...

Keef has said he would like to open a guitar museum, in order to show off his vast collection of axes.

"I've probably got too many," the leathery legend said. "I have 3,000 guitars and only one pair of hands. It's an incredible collection of beautiful instruments but I only play about ten of them, and guitars have to be played. Maybe I will give them away or make a museum".

Richards has already gone some way to reducing the size of his collection, having recently given one guitar to legendary blues man Buddy Guy on stage, during the filming of Martin Scorsese's recently-released Stones documentary 'Shine A Light'.

"That was straight off the top of my head, 'It's yours, baby'", he said. "With everything going on that night, with this movie, I thought, 'This is my respect to Buddy and to Muddy Waters and all the other guys who turned me on'".

Form an orderly queue now...