Iron Maiden Appeal For Stolen Guitar's Return

In other news, a British band called Iron Maiden are struggling to continue their tour of mens' social clubs in Yorkshire after some bugger stole their guitarist's new axe.

It's hard enought for these fledgling bands to earn a crust these days as it is, without some insensitive fricker nicking their equipment.

The guitarist involved, one Adrian Smith, is appealing for the return of his Jackson Strat after it went missing in Athens. Quite what the guitar was doing there while its owner was sampling local ales in Leeds is anyone's guess, but luckily Smith signed his name on the headstock to make it easy to recognise before it was half-inched.

So strapped for cash are they, that the band is only able to offer a hand-written letter of thanks from Mr Smith as a reward for information leading tho the vital instruments' return.

"There will be a reward of a Maiden tour jacket and I'm sure a hand written letter of thanks from Adrian for anyone with information leading to the recovery of the guitar," says the band's website.

For more information and how to contact the band with information, go here.