Free Track Fridays: The Week’s Best Free MP3 Downloads

Some require email sign-ups, some your first-born,


they´re all

free and they´ve all got

guitars in. Maybe


find something you like…

If You Only Pick One…

Castrovalva - Tut Tut Tut U F**kin´ Donut (Right click to download)

This is what Free Track Fridays is all about: the chance to
experience new music that you might not come across normally and be reduced to
a blubbering mess by its awesome raw power. It´s like 10 years of your life
condensed into three minutes.

Get The Rest…

The Icarus Line - We Sick

coolest post-hardcore outfit return with a scuzzy, darkly-funky number,
indulging in some awesome riffs and atmospheric fuzz and chorus-effects along
the way.

Retribution Gospel Choir - Hide It Away (Right click to download)

A powerful, ambitious, soaring indie anthem from this Low

Renegades - Sentimental (Right click to download)

Feeder are back, but better than they were before.
Basically, their record label went under and they thought “Crap this. Let´s
temporarily rename ourselves and go on the rampage playing much better rock
songs than we used to.”

Avi Buffalo - What´s It In For? (Right click to download)

Cracking, psychedelic indie pop that´s catchier than herpes.
Like the Shins, but more eccentric. You know a song´s great when it contains
the lyrics, “You are tiny and your lips are like little pieces of bacon” Nice
Byrds-esque jangling guitars too…

The Moons - Torn Between Two

The Moons write classic pop songs with a 60s soul/psych edge. Paul Weller's a fan and they've got an album, 'Life On Earth' on the way.

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