Free Track Friday: Free MP3 downloads from Spiritual Beggars, Sound Of Guns and more!

This week we've got another hotchpotch of brilliant guitar music for you with free MP3 downloads of Spiritual Beggars, Kurran And The Wolfnotes, Phosphorescent and Sound Of Guns.

**Track of the week**

Phosphorescent - Mermaid Parade

Phosphorescent free mp3 downloads

Phosphorescent free mp3 downloads

Since the sea-shanty disappeared with the worldwide shipping trade, mermaids have been underutilized song subjects. Fortunately, country-tinged Americana kids Phosphorescent make up for all that with this aching ode to some metaphorical mer-friends.

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Sound Of Guns - Bullets [Live @ The Haigh, May 2010] (Right-click to download)

Gad damn, there's something inherently rock 'n' roll about a Scouse accent. This exclusive live track from the band's May 2010 home-coming gig shows how vital Sound Of Guns can sound live. It also reminds us of The Walkmen, which is cool.

Spiritual Beggars - The Chaos Of Rebirth (Right-click to download)

'Beggars features members of Arch Enemy, Witchery and Firebird and were actually around before those groups. They've since teamed up with a new vocalist (the phenomenally-named Apollo Papathanasio) and their new album, 'Return To Zero' is out now.

Kurran And The Wolfnotes - Here To Fill You In

A catchy little tune that moves between twee-pop, rock 'n' roll and the jangling indie. This fan-favourite is being given away to 'celebrate' (i.e. encourage you to buy) their new single, 'Your Four Limbs', which was released earlier this week....

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