Free Track Friday: Free MP3 downloads from Liam Gallagher, James Walsh and more

This week, we're, like, totally all about free MP3 downloads (with streams) from Liam Gallagher (Beady Eye), Whales In Cubicles, James Walsh and Mimas. Check them out and that, yeah?

**Track of the week**

Whales In Cubicles - 100 Years Of Solitary Franchising

whales in cubicles

whales in cubicles

Brilliant band name, brilliant title, brilliant tune. Dark, riff-heavy, melodic rock with a definite punk edge - think Queens Of The Stone Age played at twice the speed.

**Get the rest**

Beady Eye - Bring The Light

Liam Gallagher's back with his first track from his post-Oasis project Beady Eye and it might not be what you're expecting - it draws heavily on 50s rock 'n' roll for a start.

Mimas - Application

Named after a Greek god "who had serpents for legs and was fully-armoured" (Wikipedia), Mimas are a Danish indie group who do things differently. We're also fans of the unusual (i.e. borderline mad) lyrical content.

James Walsh - Man On The Hill

Taken from the ex-Starsailor man's new EP 'Live At The Top Of The World' (recorded 300km past the Arctic Circle), this track is the highlight. We could go on, but you should just read our James Walsh interview.

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