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Fancy Covering 30 Festivals & Getting Paid £30K For The Privilege?

Well, OBVIOUSLY. So as part of some rather canny promotional activity for its chewy products,

Trident Gum

is offering one lucky music fan the summer of a lifetime.

The winner - or successful applicant, as this is a ‘job´ after all - will get an all-expenses-paid summer, attending one festival a week, blogging about their experiences and looking after the firm´s ‘Perpetual Festival´ competition winners. In return for their work, they´ll get paid the slightly disproportionate sum £30,000.

The events will be based all around the world and are so far set to include Creamfields in Buenos Aires, the Full Moon Parties in Thailand and Sonisphere in Eastern Europe. Travel is of course covered by the firm.

If you consider yourself to be proficient at social networking and blogging, and you reckon you could probably handle interviewing a few celebrities along the way, head to the

Trident website

to apply.