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Aria Release Football Guitar For 2010 World Cup

Check out


's Goldrush 2010 guitar in commemoration of this year's football World Cup...

When the worlds of football and music collide, the results
usually need to be quickly dispatched (preferably with a shovel to back off
the head). Fortunately, Aria has decided to celebrate this year´s World Cup a
little differently…

Yup, the monstrosity/beauty (depending on your
tastes/eyesight) that you are currently gazing at is the Aria Gold Rush 2010.
Along with an alder body, a rosewood fingerboard and mini-stacked humbucker
there is a built-in amplifier and speaker (powered by nine-volt battery), presumably so
you can blast out the tunes on the terrace…

All of this can be yours for only £250.