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Angels And Airwaves Give Away New Album

Following in the footsteps of Radiohead, Angels And Airwaves are giving away their new album, ‘Love´, for free via their hi-tech media-art platform, or “website”, to the likes of you.

The new record, rather appropriately, made its debut yesterday (14 February) and fans have been able to download a zip-file of the complete album for free since then.

Listeners that decide they like the album enough to take part in some kind of monetary exchange can offer as much or as little as they like, receiving a bonus track (a remix from guitarist/songwriter Tom Delonge´s blink-182 band-mate Mark Hoppus) in return for their donation.

The release of ‘Love´ serves to hush any speculation that Angels And Airwaves may have been forced to “go on hiatus” in the wake of the recent blink-182 reunion.

Download Angels And Airwaves' New Album 'Love'