Video round-up: Three killer drum clips



© Ray McMahon/Corbis

It's Friday. It's nearly the weekend. So what better way to pass those final few hours than with some amazing drum videos? Here's where we come in…

First up take a look at this meeting of some of the most incredible drumming minds on the planet. Peart. Copeland. Carey. The trio join forces with bassist Les Claypool to form CCCP. It's every bit as odd as it sounds. Check it here.

From bizarre jam rock to the ever so slightly bizarre musings of Weezer drummer (and sometime guitarist) Pat Wilson. Take a look here to see Pat talk to O2 Academy TV about his bad habits behind the kit and watch him "drum and cymbal".

And to round off here's a brotherly drum battle from Vinny and Carmine Appice.

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Rich Chamberlain

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