Unmasked Lordi drummer sacked



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Could this be the greatest reason for sacking a band member ever? Gwar-lite rockers Lordi have sacked drummer Kita after the sticksman unmasked. The Fins took the action after the drummer revealed plans to enter the Eurovision Song Contest with his other band.

Amazingly, it seems that taking off his mask, rather than wanting to enter Eurovision, is the reason for the slightly harsh departure.

Kita - real name Sampsa Astala - won the competition with Lordi back in 2006 and it seems he has his eyes on glory in 2011, as well. Stala & So, featuring Kita on vocals, have put themselves forward to represent Finland in next year's show, but it seems that the move has not gone down well with the Lordi boys.

A statement from the band said: "It is our unfortunate task to inform that Kita is no longer a member of Lordi.

"Kita has made a decision to pursue his own career publicly as himself, without his alter ego Kita. This is in direct conflict with one of the cornerstones of Lordi's image.

"Therefore it is not possible for him to continue as a member of the band anymore.

"Lordi will continue as always, masked and costumed, consisting of monster personas. Also, the upcoming tour will happen as planned.

 We thank Kita for the years he has been an important part of the band and our successes and wish him all the best in his future."

Is that all a bit harsh? Should he have kept his mask on? And, more importantly, who should represent the UK in 2011?!

Rich Chamberlain

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