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The Jagermeister truck: Powered by Mapex!


, well known for its support of live music in and around Europe, can always be found at the biggest festivals and music venues in force.

The team at Jagermeister recently acquired a massive, six wheel-drive ex-Russian army truck. What to do with such a beast was never an issue. After a spot of TLC and some very important pimping, the ex-war veteran was converted into an official Jagermeister event vehicle with a 10x10metre stage and bar.

When it came to gathering the backline for the truck they went straight to


. The truck will be kitted out with the latest Mapex Meridian series kit and toured around Europe´s biggest music festivals. Some of the most exciting bands around will give impromptu performances on the mobile venue to excited hordes who can not only soak up the fantastic sounds but sample the delights of Jagermeister at the same time.

Dear Superstar rock Mapex on the Jager truck

Mapex and Jagermeister recently took on Knebworth´s metal mad Sonisphere and the Boardmasters surf and skate festival in Newquay. The truck hosts full band sets from some of the most exciting UK rock acts in the afternoon and is then transformed into a VIP bar in the evening.