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World Exclusive Travis Barker Interview

We track down the hardest-working man in drumming and find out all you need to know about his solo album, Can The Drummer Get Some, his eclectic CV and his hugely influential style. We also get an in-depth look Travis' set-up with his trusty tech and get the inside word on working with Travis from Tim Armstrong, Corey Taylor and more.


Ray Luzier on Korn going back to their roots
Brian Downey looks back on 40 years of Thin Lizzy
Roy Mayorga gives us the lowdown on Stone Sour's return
Mark Heaney (Gang Of Four) tells us about clinics, chops and solo records
…and more


Yamaha Rock Tour Drum Kit

Sabian XS20 Cymbals

Perfect Posture Back Brace

Remo Ambassador-X Heads

MXL Drum Mics

Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Cymbals


Playalong tracks featuring Nirvana, Bon Jovi and Transplants

Video lessons
Learn to play like Derek Grant (Alkaline Trio), Steve Jordan and Vinnie Colaiuta
Exclusive guest lesson from Dave Mackintosh (Dragonforce)
And more

Bag yourself a Mapex Black Widow snare drum

You can also win Roy Mayorga's (Stone Sour) head set-up

All this and more in the Summer issue of Rhythm, on sale 3 August. Or you could order your copy from

Rich Chamberlain

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