Rocked Out 6 coming this summer

Rocked out

Rocked out

Keeping teenagers entertained through the summer holiday can be a thankless task. One sure fire way of getting the seal of approval from budding young musicians is to pack them off to Rocked Out 6 where they'll be taken under the wing of a team of rockstar tutors.

This year the musical boot camp takes place in Aldershot between 2 and 6 August, with an awesome roster of expert tutors on hand to give clinics, tips and lessons, including Guy Davis (Reuben) and Adam Perry (A/Bloodhound Gang). You can check out both in action below.

Advice on everything from fills and stick techniques to live performance and music reading will be on offer for up-and-coming rockers, meaning not only will Rocked Out keep you busy and rubbing shoulders with rock stars over the long summer break, it could also make you a better and more clued-up player.

The course is open to anyone aged 14 to 19 (unfortunately ruling the Rhythm team out by a good few years), with limited places available. For more information visit

Rich Chamberlain

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