Rhythm Hot Band: We Are The Fallen

We are the fallen

We are the fallen

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Band: We Are The Fallen

Drummer: Rocky Gray

Who are they? Former American Idol contestant and ex Evanescence stars united.

Sounds like: There's no denying that these guys sound like Evanescence. But, since when was sounding like a multi-million selling artist a bad thing?

Why should you check them out? Ok, so a band fronted by an American Idol contestant may not seem like the ideal formula for a rock band, but We Are The Fallen represent one of the very few acts associated with reality TV that you need to check out.

Carly Smithson always had the sound of a rocker playing pop during her Idol days and here she proves it. It helps that she's found the perfect match by teaming up with Evanescence alumni Ben Moody, John LeCompt and Rocky Gray, as well as bassist Marty O'Brien.

Their sound certainly shows flashes of their past, but there's also a more gothic edge and Smithson's soaring vocals and Gray's thunderous drum work take We Are The Fallen from potential carbon copies to an awesome band in their own right.

Go to: www.myspace.com/wearethefallen

Download: 'Bury Me Alive'

Rich Chamberlain

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