Rhythm at Download: Friday Part Two

Dave grohl

Dave grohl


18:15 - Anticipation is building as a massed Donington crowd waits for Them Crooked Vultures, featuring - of course - Dave Grohl behind the kit. We get into the mood for some powerhouse drumming by catching Chris Pennie's intricate beats with the simply awesome Coheed and Cambria.

18:40 - A quick dash to the Main Stage sees us grab a decent spot for the Vultures, who ease into a mesmerising set filled with cuts from their sublime debut album.

18:45 - First sight of Dave, and his fetching black gloves, on the big screen results in a huge cheer from the drummers in the jam-packed crowd.

19:00 - Dave and Led Zep legend John Paul Jones breeze through track after track, giving a lesson on just how to keep a rhythm section watertight while still keeping things interesting with all kinds of powerhouse fills. The latter only applies to Dave, obviously.

20:00 - The Vultures head off safe in the knowledge that they absolutely nailed it. Follow that AC/DC.

20:30 - And here they come. Crashing through their own stage with a huge runaway train, Phil Rudd and the boys are off and rockin'.

20:50 - It's hit after hit as 'Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be' and 'Back In Black' get things flying.

21:00 - Phil is into the groove, laying things down as hard and heavy as you'd expect. No flicker of emotion on his face, the only way you can tell he's not a machine is by his relentless chain smoking.

21:50 - Let there be drums, and there were drums! 'Let There Be Rock' rounds of a pulsating set, before the boys return to run through 'Highway To Hell' and 'For Those About To Rock'.

22:30 - Ever the showmen, 'DC's set ends with the sky illuminated with fireworks. What a day!

23:00 - It's back off to the tent for us, see you all tomorrow!

Rich Chamberlain

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