Portnoy, Tichy, Adler, Appice (x2) and more for Bonzo Bash



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Brian Tichy has assembled an all-star cast of drummers for his latest John Bonham tribute show.

The Whitesnake man will be joined by Mike Portnoy, Steven Adler, Carmine and Vinny Appice, Ray Luzier, Joe Travers and many more for the Bonzo Bash on 31 May - a day that would have marked Bonham's 64th birthday.

Event organiser Tichy said: "I am a tried and true Zep Head; a total Bonzo Freak! Bonzo is my lifelong most "listened to" drummer! This is a labor of love. The camaraderie and ego-lessrespect amongst all involved is something very rare to be a part of these days. Ask any of us! We've never been part of a show quite like this before! There has never been a tribute like this to a musician before! John Bonham deserves it!"

The show takes place at Los Angeles' House of Blues. For details are available here.

Tichy recently sat down with Rhythm and showed us a few Bonham licks. You can see those right here.

Rich Chamberlain

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