Play Guitar Now – Complete Acoustic Guide on sale now



Learning a new instrument can be a great way of breathing new life into your drumming and songwriting skills. And now, thanks to our sister title Guitar Techniques, you can pick up tips and tricks to help you get to grips with acoustic guitar.

Play Guitar Now - Complete Acoustic Guide is crammed full of exercises and lessons catering to different skill levels, meaning newcomers can master the basics and experienced heads can brush up their technique.

The magazine - which comes bundled with a DVD - is available now in newsagents, or you can order a copy from here.

Rich Chamberlain

Rich is a teacher, one time Rhythm staff writer and experienced freelance journalist who has interviewed countless revered musicians, engineers, producers and stars for the our world-leading music making portfolio, including such titles as Rhythm, Total Guitar, Guitarist, Guitar World, and MusicRadar. His victims include such luminaries as Ice T, Mark Guilani and Jamie Oliver (the drumming one).