Oxjam Bangs the Drums!

If you thought playing drums felt good, imagine how great you'll feel playing drums FOR CHARITY! October is the month of Oxjam, a month-long festival of music taking place across the UK featuring anyone and everyone who wants to put on a music event in the name of raising money for Oxfam.

One such event is the Drumathon that will be transforming Debee's Recording Studio in Winford into the stadium for an Oxjam beat marathon on Sunday 14 October. Participants will each play a 20 minute set, with the figurative drum baton being passed to the next drummer on the second kit in the 19th minute - and this will continue for 10 hours! Talk about stamina!

Each participant will be asking friends and family to sponsor the event for its duration (rather than just their own sets), and the two kits are being kindly donated by Mick Pauline and Matt Penn, of Frodsham Drum Company

To sponsor the event or to find out more about getting involved with the Drumathon, email oxjamwinsford@hotmail.co.uk. For more information about Oxjam, visit www.oxfam.org.uk.