Mike Portnoy's Transatlantic to release live DVD

Mike portnoy

Mike portnoy

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Among a million and one other projects, 2010 saw Mike Portnoy resurrect prog behemoth Transatlantic for a new album and tour…and now, a huge live DVD.

The band recorded their London show earlier this year for the imaginatively titled Whirld Tour 2010: Live At Shepherd's Bush London.

But, in the true spirit of prog, this isn't a normal live DVD, it's a massive double disc and triple CD set. Pick yourself up a copy and you'll get:

DVD 1 (147 minutes)

01. The Whirlwind

02. All of the Above

03. We All Need Some Light

04. Duel With the Devil

DVD 2 (190 minutes)

01. Bridge Across Forever

02. Stranger in Your Soul

03. Documentary

04. Band Interview

05. Return of the Giant Hogweed (w/ Steve Hacket)

CD 1

01. The Whirlwind (79:52)

CD 2

01. All of the Above (30:19)

02. We All Need Some Light (8:40)

03. Duel with the Devil (28:31)

CD 3

01. Bridge Across Forever (6:03)

02. Stranger in Your Soul (30:00)

You can't accuse Portnoy of skimping on the material, can you?

Rich Chamberlain

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