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'Kenney Jones has guts' says Daltrey

The World Entertainment News Network has posted an interview online in which The Who frontman Roger Daltrey pours praise on former bandmate Kenney Jones for having the guts to talk about his tempestuous time as The Who's drummer in a new documentary.

Daltrey forced Jones, who replaced Keith Moon in the line-up, out of the band in the late 1980s - after he'd provided beats for Daltrey and Pete Townshend for a decade. In a new documentary, Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who, Daltrey was surprised when Jones agreed to talk about his time with the band.

"It took a lot of courage for Kenney to do that," says Daltrey. "I'm sure it's still painful for him to have to revisit. The great thing is we're still all friends out of all this and we respect each other and we love each other."