John Dolmayan speaks out on System Of A Down reunion



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John Dolmayan has spoken about System Of A Down's reunion, saying that while the band may "irritate the s*** out of each other", their relationship is akin to a marriage. We knew they loved each other really.

The sticksman told "There's no real personality in the band that can be pushed to do anything that they don't want to. We are four very strong individuals."

"We all have our idiosyncrasies and things that irritate the s*** out of each other. Some of Serj's [Tankian] stuff irritates me, and I'm sure some of my stuff irritates the s*** out of him. That's natural. You're in a relationship when you're in a band...But look at us — we've been together longer than most marriages last."

Earlier this week System returned to the stage with a 28-song set at Canada's Rexall Place. They head to the UK next month for Download festival.

Rich Chamberlain

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