Joey Jordison talks Zombie tour and Slipknot's future



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Joey Jordison is back in the UK and more importantly, he's back behind the kit. Joey has taken up his place at the drum stool for Rob Zombie and we grabbed some time with the Slipknot man.

On his return to the kit after a spell out front with Murderdolls, Joey said: "I love playing guitar but obviously drumming is my forte. That's what I'm known for. I'm happy to be back playing drums."

And it seems that he's found a perfect fit with Zombie, with the iconic frontman's jaw-dropping stage show complemented by Joey's staggering stick skills.

Joey said: "We're packing as much stuff into the places as possible. Rob hasn't been here for 13 years and we've been knocking the s**t out of it. We've been having a really good time, I always have a blast playing the UK."

He certainly seems to be enjoying himself, as shown by the ream of tracks reeled off when asked for his favourite songs from the Zombie set.

"All of them. But 'Demonoid Phenomenon' is really cool," he told us. "The groove of 'Sick Bubblegum' is really heavy, 'Superbeast' is always a kick ass one to lay in to and opening with 'Jesus Frankenstein' is awesome. I could go on and on!

"That's what's fun about playing in Zombie. I definitely inject a lot of my style into the Zombie songs. It's really cool. I just get right in there, sit in the pocket and hammer as hard as I can. I've been having a blast with it."

But, as with all fun things, it must at some point come to an end.

Joey explained: "Originally I only had two tours planned for Rob and now I've been with him almost a year. In the summer I've got Slipknot to take care of. I have to go back home, basically and get my band straight.

"I've got to take care of my main priority which is Slipknot. That's my baby, that's my life, my lifeblood. We always take time off and do other things, but as far as the future of Zombie I'm pretty sure when he wants to make another record I'll be there."

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