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Issue 131 - November 2006

In the November issue of Rhythm - +44's Travis Barker!


(+44) - Travis Barker

"If Blink were still around the last two years would never have happened…"


David Garibaldi


Colin Woolway



The latest news from planet drum, interviews with Smiley, Dartz! and Mendeed, book, DVD and live reviews, the hottest new drum products and much, much more...


Math Priest's advice for up-and-coming drummers. Plus your demos reviewed.


INXS, 'Suicide Blonde'


What's on, when and where


Win a performance percussion kit worth £299, a set of Excelsior drum cases worth £850, Vic Firth Danny Carey Signature sticks, Free DVDs and a Gretsch, Sabian and Gibraltar setup worth £3,000. Phew!

Play Drums

Techniques, expert advice, play alongs, top tips and more...

Learn to Play

My Chemical Romance - 'The Ghost Of You'

Golden Earring - 'Radar Love'

Getting started

Stylish jazz figures

Metal Essentials

Double Bass Ideas

Drum Pioneers

Adam Bushell on Ian Paice

Technical Difficulties

Triplet Comping

Drum Break

Codal concepts

Peter Erskine

Rhythm Of Life

Recording Drums

Mics and mic placement with Pete Riley

Gear Reviews

Richmo Power Vented Snares

Mapex VX Drum Kit

Tama Warlord Collection Snares

Peace Luxury Percussion Box

Paiste Signature Cymbals

Trick Bass Drum Pedals

On the CD

Exclusive track!

Craig Blundell 'Square One jam track'

Learn to play...

My Chemical Romance - 'The Ghost Of You'

Golden Earring - 'Radar Love'

Plus much, much more...

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