Ilan Rubin joins Angels and Airwaves



Ilan Rubin has been named as new drummer for Angels and Airwaves.

The New Regime mainman/former Nine Inch Nails drummer replaced Atom Willard, who left the Tom DeLonge-fronted band earlier this year.

Rubin had this to say to "It was a fairly fast process. We met up at the Blink show at Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre and took things from there.

"There was no audition, whatsoever. As far as I know, the first show I'll do (with AVA) is scheduled for February in Australia. We started rehearsing earlier this week. I was not very familiar (with AVA's music) - I'd heard the singles - so this is another case (like Nine Inch Nails) where I have a lot of homework to do."

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