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Help needed: Stolen Taiko drum

We recently received an email from a member of one of the UK's major Taiko groups, Taiko Meantime, asking for help. Please read the message below:

We´ve recently suffered a huge blow. Our pride and joy, a 106cm Odaiko drum, one of the only ones in the UK and certainly one of the best, was tea-leafed, along with our van, from Greenwich. If any percussionists are offered this unique and beautiful drum, they should report it as stolen. It takes many years of training and discipline to even begin playing a drum like this properly, and it breaks our hearts to know that someone out there has this drum.

A brief description:

O-shime-daiko, made by Asano, Japan
106cm diameter, 106cm body length
Brown/red stained barrel body
Purple rope
Tomoe symbol on one skin (see pic)
Drum is stored in a padded green case.
Also nicked - a wooden stand in a black semi-hard case

A little background about the group:

We´re based in Greenwich, and we´ve got a rather high quality act, which is full of energy, massive sound, tight co-ordination and occasionally eccentric rhythms. We´ve played all over the UK, and in collaboration with the Henri Oguike Dance Company ( all over the world - China, USA, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal.

If you have any information please email or call 07092 810395.

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