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Fancy lessons with God Forbid's Corey Pierce?

God Forbid

drummer Corey Pierce has decided to take on a couple of drum students whilst the band write a new album. Only problem is, you need to live in New Jersey!

"Hopefully I will receive some motivated and dedicated individuals who love the instrument as much as I do," he says. "If you're interested, please email me at


and make sure to include what you want to learn and hope to accomplish in the email. Thank you to everyone who supports my band and thanks in advance for those of you who feel you want to study with me."

He added in a separate message: "I am selling a Premier free floating snare drum 14"x11" in immaculate condition. It is worth about $1,100 but I will be selling to the highest bidder starting at $750 so far. Anyone interested simply message me at MySpace."