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Download Festival: Friday so far



© Skyscan/Corbis

10:00 - We've just arrived on site, and we've just seen a rocker passed out on the grass already. The Download spirit is clearing taking its toll on some people.

12:00 - In a bizarre turn of events, the sun is out!

13:00 - We're fully press passed up and ready for some rawwwwk. Or rock. If you want to be grammatically correct.

13:30: We've just spotted the Main Stage. And an equally massive stage next to it. Yes, AC/DC really have brought their own stage with them!

15:00 Unearth have got things off to an absolutely blistering start on the Main Stage Heavy. As. Hell.

16:30 - The Red Bull tent is absolutely rammed for Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders. It's a great set from the Foo's man. He's got the whole drumming and singing art down to a tee. Check our Twitter for some awesome shots (you can even see Dave Grohl's head in one of them).

17:15 - Killswitch Engage are rippin' it up on the Main Stage. A great last-minute addition to the line-up.

18:00 - Simply, it's time for Grohl. We're off to get a prime spot for Them Crooked Vultures. Keep checking our Twitter page for all of the latest updates and news!