Double encore for Bonzo tribute



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The great and the good of the drumming world are coming together to celebrate the life and work of John Bonham with two more tribute shows.

Chad Smith, Kenny Aronoff, Stephen Perkins, Steven Adler, Vinny and Carmine Appice and many, many more will perform over two nights at Bonzo: The Groove Remains The Same: A Double Encore.

Whitesnake drummer Brian Tichy was part of the first tribute show held last month and has been a driving force in arranging the shows. He said: "Hey, we all had a great night! It was a huge success and we wanted to do it again. The time and energy that was put into the show made it all the more easy to set back up and hit again!

"We have the Amber Vistalite drumkit and three-ring-logo backdrop, so why let it collect dust! It's all about tributing to rock's greatest drummer, John Henry Bonham. That is a timeless endeavor! The communal spirit of the rehearsals and show bonded us and solidified the common reasons why we all chose drumming as a way of life. Yeah!

"Plus, Led Zeppelin is the best, there are lots of people that wanted to see it but couldn't, and there's never anything wrong with giving it up to John Bonham!"

The two shows will be held at West Hollywood's The Key Club and the Galaxy Theater in Anaheim on 12 and 13 January.

Rich Chamberlain

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