Dave Lombardo confirms new Slayer album



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Thrash fans rejoice! There will be a new Slayer album, although they haven't started writing new material just yet, according to Dave Lombardo.

The trash tub thumper told the Geeks Of Doom: "Although there's nothing written but there is definitely plans. Of course. We have to! Why not?! [laughs] I'm not retiring and I don't think Kerry's [King, guitar] retiring either so…

"Charlie Watts is somebody I look up to and for someone to be on those drums for as long as he's been up there then I'm on my way! I'm right behind him, man! [laughs] I'm one of those guys. I like longevity and a true musician never abandons his art."

Lombardo also told the website that he wasn't frothing at the mouth with excitement at Slayer material written during the '90s while he was out of the band.

He added: "I wasn't a fan of them [the albums]. I listened to them a little bit, not like listen to a complete song or anything, I just like skipped over the songs, listened to the mix, listened to the drums and it told me the whole story.

"I didn't have to listen to the whole record for me to get the gist of the whole project. So it was pretty good but I just wasn't a fan. Now I perform those songs of course I like the music and I have [added] my own drums now so I love performing those songs."

You can catch Slayer in the UK at Sonisphere in July.

Rich Chamberlain

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