Charlie Benante: Reunion feels like 1987 for Anthrax

Charlie benante

Charlie benante

© Sayre Berman/Corbis

Thrash Masters Anthrax seem to be enjoying life at the moment, and Charlie Benante has put the spring in their collective steps down to a massive relationship improvement with returning frontman Joey Belladonna.

The drummer filled in on why this current reunion is proving more fruitful than past reformations of the classic 'Thrax line-up.

He said: "Now it feels like the Anthrax of 1987, like that period, because it just seems to be gelling easier with Joey and things are moving together a lot quicker."

Despite a rosy picture in the Anthrax garden, Benante doesn't seem to be resting on his laurels, adding that he's recently taken some musical inspiration from Neil Peart and Rush.

Benante revealed: "The other night we got a copy of this Rush Classic Albums Moving Pictures documentary. I just watched it and got totally inspired again."

You can read more about Benante and the rest of thrash's big four in Rhythm 179, which you can order right here.

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