Bonzo's Birthday Weekend: Brian Tichy's Play Like John Bonham



This weekend we are celebrating what would have been John Bonham's 67th birthday, and we've got five treats in one here, as Brian Tichy talks you through some of his favourite John Bonham beats.

It's fair to say Brian Tichy knows a thing or two about John Bonham. The Whitesnake drummer is an uber Bonham fan, so much so that he rounded-up some of the world's finest sticksmen for a huge Bonzo tribute show last year.

Each day this week Tichy is putting his considerable Bonham knowledge to good use by talking you through a classic lick from the Led Zeppelin powerhouse. We kick off with 'Rock and Roll'

'My Time of Dying'

'The Crunge'

'Fool In The Rain'

'Dazed and Confused' and 'Four Sticks'

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Rich Chamberlain

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