Big four make first Sonisphere appearance



© RD / Dziekan / Retna Digital/Corbis

Lars Ulrich, Charlie Benante, Dave Lombardo and Shawn Drover shared the stage for the first time last night as thrash's big four (Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth) hit Sonisphere.

The metal heavyweights made the historic performance at the Polish leg of the travelling festival, and they even took time out to pose for a picture together. How sweet.

Despite only Anthrax and Slayer appearing on the Knebworth Sonisphere bill, UK fans can catch all four on 22 June, as 79 cinemas will screen the Bulgarian show in full HD. Crack open the popcorn!

To find cinemas where you can get your thrash on head here. For more on the big four, check out the August issue of Rhythm (on sale 6 July) for a very special thrash feature.

Rich Chamberlain

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