All change at the My Passion drum riser

My passion

My passion

Up-and-coming UK metallers My Passion have announced a switch at their drum stool. It's all change as drummer Jonathan Gaskin has stepped out from the kit and taken on synth and guitar duties.

Jamie Nicholls comes in to replace recent Zildjian endorsee Gaskin on the drum riser.

Frontman Laurence Rene said: "It wasn't until we met Jamie and invited him down to the recording of the new album that we knew we would be able to expand into a five piece. It was so important that anyone joining us was as good a friend as they were a drummer and Jamie just slotted right in as bloody brilliant at both."

You can catch the new-look My Passion when they head out on a full UK tour in October. Head here for more details.

Rich Chamberlain

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