Adam Perry launches all new Band App

Band app

Band app

A/Bloodhound Gang drummer Adam Perry has launched his all new Band App.

Perry first launched Band App back in 2010, describing it at the time as the "new mobile MySpace." Since then it has undergone a major overhaul, making it easier for bands to create a profile and sell their music through their own iPhone, iPad and Android friendly app.

We got on the phone to the sticksman and asked him all about the re-launch.

We first spoke about back in 2010, what has happened since?

"We started again. We started a brand new company on 4 January with a new team. We built a UK team and started again. It's taken a long time but we launched on 4 August. It's completely free and looks completely different to the last one. It's a lot simpler, more image focus, we've taken the text out and made it simpler."

Why make the decision to start again?

"We looked at the product. It was started by me and our outsourced development team abroad. It was going well but we thought we could do a lot better. We realised we could make it look and feel like a native app you'd get from the app store."

What other changes have you made?

"We've also introduced Band App World Explore, which is when you create a Band App you automatically appear in our App store. It's a community. You create an app for free, you can sell your music and you're part of a community. It's really cool. We're about to partner with some big companies, we're hoping to have 100,000 Band Apps by the end of the year.

"We're also launching Band App On Tour so a band can log into their Band App from their phone and edit it while they're on the road."

Is it all easy and straightforward for bands to create their app?

"It takes five minutes to make a bad one and ten minutes to make an amazing one. In ten minutes you have an app that works on iPhone, iPad and Android. Your music is instantly on sale through our store. The band gets 75% of the total sale, so it's a big pay out. We don't take any rights whatsoever."

You've also been working on the new Bloodhound Gang album, how is that coming along?

"It's still in the works. We're working away at it. These things are sometimes a slow process. It sounds great though, there's some big killer songs on there. I'm excited to hear it all finished."

And how about A?

"We always get offers to play festivals but turn them down. We did Merthyr Rock and were blown away by it. It felt like old times. We came away completely buzzing so we're going to look to do a few more and at least get two or three songs recorded."

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