Zero-G Ecstatic Grooves review

  • £59.95
A mid-tempo groove sample library.

MusicRadar Verdict

This package is worth investigating if you're into the harder mid-tempo styles of dance.


  • +

    Tons of samples.


  • -

    Too much emphasis on mid-tempos.

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Ecstatic Grooves is a collection of drum loops and single hits for mid-tempo 4/4 dance music.

Although to us the word 'groove' conjures up thoughts of funky bass licks and keyboard parts, you won't find any melodic samples here - it's all drum beats.

Thankfully the quality level is generally high, and the 1650 loops certainly have plenty of punch to them.

The emphasis is on strident euro-style beats, but if you're after something a little more subtle, the inclusion of 550 single-hit drum samples is a definite bonus.

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