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PowerFX Gabi Masso Oriental Spring Ensemble Sessions review

This sample pack does exactly what it says on the box

  • £29
If you're after some Eastern-sounding strings in the key of D, look no further.

Our Verdict

An over-specialised and expensive luxury, but it could add that extra dimension that you've been looking for.


  • Good variation of instruments and sounds. Extremely focussed on what it does.


  • Only one key and one tempo. Don't get much for your money.

The Gabi Masso Oriental String Ensemble Sessions - or GMOSES as the kids are sure to call it - is an extremely focused collection of samples.

Each of them is at tempo of 125bpm and in the key of D. If this sounds bizarre, we can assure you that there's a reasonable degree of variation, though the samples themselves are very short (most contain just a second or two of music).

There isn't a huge number of samples either - just 125 - so it isn't exactly amazing value.

If you're desperately seeking vaguely oriental string flourishes to spice up your project, though, it's worth considering.