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Nine Volt Audio Downtempo Guitars Volume 2 review

Slow and sultry six-string samples for for your enjoyment

  • £40
The samples come in a selection of relaxed tempos.

MusicRadar Verdict

Some occasional highlights don't make up for the large amount of excess weight.


  • +

    Some good samples and lots of choice.


  • -

    Too much repetition. Have to look hard for the good samples.

This volume of Downtempo Guitars covers the 104 to 120bpm tempo range and features more than 450 guitar loops.

These have been treated with varying degrees of effects and processing, and come supplied in a range of formats.

Unfortunately the package relies too much on different variations of the same material (different keys, different processing and so on).

There's some good stuff here, but you have to wade through a bunch of less-than-inspiring samples to find it.

Downtempo Guitars Volume 2 isn't terrible, but it's also a long way from being an essential purchase.

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