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M-Audio Studiophile Q40 review

  • £109
  • $179.95
Bomb the bass!

Our Verdict

There's just too much bass for these to be used as accurate monitor headphones.


  • Good stereo image.


  • Bass heavy!

While the ability to reproduce even the lowest notes with clarity is admirable, the lower midrange is just too thunderous, which gets tiring.

The treble response is also a little reserved (or possibly seems it due to the beefy bass end), though they're good at revealing anomalies such as clipping.

The stereo image and handling of dynamics are also very nice, and they're easy to drive and fairly comfy.

You can fold the Q40s for portability, and there's a protective bag, which is welcome, since the build quality isn't brilliant - these don't quite feel like over a ton's worth of 'phones.

Worryingly, the fine wire running down each side looks like it will catch on something sooner or later and be tugged out, or even get trapped as you fold them up.

Although the Q40s make for an enjoyable listen, and are great for checking out what's going at the bottom end of a mix, it's a shame that they're just too tiring to listen to without some corrective EQ.