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HoRNet Plugins TrackUtility Mk2 review

The Swiss army knife for audio?

  • €12

Our Verdict

A handy addition to any producer's arsenal, and, at 99c, a 'might-as-well' upgrade for owners of v1.


  • Great Auto Gain algorithm. Good price.


  • Very few gripes for the money.

Although it still offers the same set of tools as its predecessor - namely adjustment of gain, pan and width, phase reversal, monoising, DC offset, limiting, clipping, auto-gain levelling, and peak and RMS metering - the second version of this prolific Italian developer's "Swiss army knife for audio" adds a grouping function, enabling every instance in a project to be assigned to one of 16 Groups for collective adjustment of all of them from the GUI of any one.

The Auto Gain algorithm has been improved as well; the limiter code from HoRNet's Magnus has been worked in, with three host-synced release times - 1/2 Bar, 1 Bar or 2 Bars; and the window for the RMS meter can now be freely adjusted between a range of 100 and 1000ms.

TrackUtility Mk2 brings together an undeniably useful set of processes in a straightforward plugin, at a price that can't really be argued with.

Of course, you won't be abandoning your go-to limiter or metering plugin in favour of it, but that's obviously not the point.