AudioWarrior Kreator

  • $299

Our Verdict

Guitar patches stand out from the rest of the sounds, one the whole a satisfactory DVD.


  • 'Strummable' guitar parts and simple installation.


  • Upright bass insubstantial.

Kreator is billed as a workstation plug-in, and features a variety of 'organik' sounds, including multisampled piano, bass and guitar patches. It requires internet authorisation to activate the included Steinberg Key, but aside from that, installation is simple. This collection's most unusual feature is the 'strummable' guitar parts. These work by loading up the appropriate patch for each chord you want to play. Each patch contains only the notes needed to play that chord, so you can program your own strums with the exact timing you require - nice touch.

The guitar patches are great, though the upright bass comes across as a little insubstantial. The pianos are pretty good, though perhaps a bit dark for more upfront pieces. The rest of the DVD is rounded off with some pad, choir and Mellotron-style sounds.