ART XConnect USB microphone cable review

  • £30
The XConnect offers instant, handy connectivity.

MusicRadar Verdict

A great input solution for mobile recordists, laptop DJs and anyone looking to connect a dynamic mic without the 'hassle' of a separate audio interface.


  • +

    Does exactly what it needs to; good sound; long lead.


  • -

    16-bit only.

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With a female XLR plug at one end and a USB connector with a tiny 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz audio interface packed into it at the other, the XConnect works with any XLR-equipped dynamic (ie, non-phantom powered) microphone - we tested it with a Shure SM57.

At 3m, the shielded, unbalanced cable should offer enough reach for most studio purposes.

Being class-compliant, the XConnect doesn't require any drivers - it needs only to be plugged into a Mac or Windows machine to appear as an input in any recording software thereon. Sonically, things are good: on our test Mac, set to a 64-sample buffer, input latency was around 4ms and the interface performed well, with no pops or glitches. Indeed, the only real negative is that it's only 16-bit.

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