ART ARTcessories USB Phono Plus review

  • £89
  • $129

MusicRadar Verdict

High-quality but only worth the cash if you already have the high-quality turntable.


  • +

    Great build quality. No drivers to install.


  • -

    No USB lead. A bit pricey

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Are you using vinyl? Want to get some tracks or samples into the digital realm? This phono preamp is a solid (if a little pricey) solution. It does reflect a very steady build quality, housed in black aluminium with thick rubber ends and feet. Most output solutions are catered for, with USB supplying the power and the audio for direct connectivity to your PC. Optical and S/PDIF are the other digital outs if you want to connect this elsewhere, to a CD writer for instance.

The front of the unit has low-cut rumble filter of -3dB at 22Hz, a phone/line input switch, +10/-10 trim controls, clip LED, USB power switch and mini-jack headphone output. There are no drivers as it works on the audio device drivers built into every PC from Windows OS 98SE and Apple OS9.1. The software supplied is the freeware package Audacity, which is definitely up to the job, but it would have been nice to find a more dedicated piece of software for transferring vinyl to your PC. At £89 I'd have expected ART to 'ARTcessorise' me further by supplying a USB lead with the product. A sturdy high-quality package offering great vinyl to PC recording.

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