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MusicRadar Verdict

It's hardly feature-packed, but the Q25 is a keenly-priced and playable controller keyboard.


  • +

    Playable keys. Proper pitch and mod wheels. Light and slim.


  • -

    Not many controls. Changing settings requires multiple key presses.

At a time when many MIDI keyboard manufacturers are keen to emphasise how many controls their hardware has and how easily they automatically map to your software's parameters, the Q25 feels like a refreshing change.

In some ways, it's a throwback to the old days: there are just two assignable controls (mod wheel and a data entry slider), a 5-pin MIDI output as well as a USB one (which can also provide power), and fairly conservative styling.

This isn't to say that the Q25 is an anachronism, though - far from it. The 25 full-size keys are lighter and more playable than those you'll find on some of this keyboard's rivals, and it's a pleasure to have proper pitch and mod wheels. It's a fairly svelte piece of hardware, too.

It might not do a great deal - and multiple key presses are required to change settings - but at this price and with this level of performance, the Q25 fills a niche for those seeking a compact keyboard that they just want to play.

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