“Evolving tones that can be finely controlled or left to their own devices”: Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser review

We toast the new incarnation of a Hexinverter staple some thought would never again see the light

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Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser
(Image: © Erica Synths)

MusicRadar Verdict

An exceptional module, offering a vast range of tones, some class-leading modulation and an easy-to-learn workflow.


  • +

    Intuitive interface.

  • +

    Huge tonal possibilities.

  • +

    Buckets of modulation.


  • -

    Large footprint.

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Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser: What is it?

Many modularists were sad to see the end of Hexinverter Electronique and were relieved when Erica Synths declared it would bring back some much-loved modules, including the Mindphaser, a complex oscillator featuring lots of modulation, that blends East or West Coast.

While larger than other options, at 30hp, it’s packed full of features, yet remains readable and usable. The layout and labeling are clear, with pathways from patchpoints to controls, so you know where you are.

Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser

(Image credit: Erica Synths)

Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser: Performance and verdict

Complex oscillators, as opposed to a dual VCO, work interactively, where the output of each VCO combines, with one being the carrier and the other the modulator. Nothing new there. But the Mindphaser takes things a lot further than some other complex oscillators, with options for modulation and sound design.

The two VCOs are similar but do vary, with the modulator ranging from LFO rate up to very fast. Separate outputs are offered for square, saw, triangle and sine. The carrier (with white labels) has no sine output. There’s also an output jack at the end of the signal chain. There are patchpoints for both linear and exponential FM, next to volts-per-octave inputs and a sync port. The modulator can be hard-synced to the carrier with a switch too.

Patchpoints are plentiful and offer CV control for a lot of features. That said there’s a lot of internal modulation, with a handy triangle icon next to controls that can be modulated by the modbus, without needing a single patch cable.

Which brings us neatly to the modulation options. These range from simple pulse width through to some lovely waveshaping. There are five octaves of waveshaping, with a level control to tame, plus an amplitude control which can function as a VCA.

Further sound-shaping can be done using the onboard thru-zero phase modulation, which gives the module part of its name. This effect sounds rich and adds lovely depth and movement. The phase is driven by a sine wave which can be patched to override, for some extra interesting results. The Mindphaser encourages experimentation, ensuring plenty of scope for fun and sound design.

The modbus itself is kind of the brains of the module, allowing for internal modulation routing (for controls with the previously mentioned triangle icon) as well as patched. Similarly to the T0-PM the modbus has switchable square, triangle and sine waves but can be patched and overridden. On top of this, the modulation CV inputs can be inverted with the touch of a button. There’s more fine control to be explored with numerous buttons.

But how does it sound? Though there are soft, delicate sounds on offer, the Mindphaser excels at the gritty end. It’s easy to create grungy, twisted drones, aggressive basslines, or lead tones with attitude. Layering using the various outputs is rewarding, enabling split personality patches that build to more than the sum of their parts but it’s the motion that really sells this module. If you like evolving tones that can be finely controlled or left to their own devices, Mindphaser is for you. It’s fun and sounds glorious.

MusicRadar verdict: An exceptional module, offering a vast range of tones, some class-leading modulation and an easy-to-learn workflow.

Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser: Hands-on demos

Hexinverter Électronique

Dash Glitch

Skeleton Jacket

Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser: Specifications

  • KEY FEATURES: Dual complex oscillator, Waveshaping, Through zero phase modulation, Comprehensive modbus.
  • CONTACT: Erica Synths