Ford Drums Smart Ass Thrones review

Drum stools that deserve to be described as 'thrones'

  • £390
  • $419
These seats are made from advanced, pressure-relieving Swedish memory foam.

MusicRadar Verdict

They're very definitely high-end custom thrones, and so may be out of reach of the pockets of many, but if you can stump up the readies, your butt will thank you forever.


  • +

    Hugely comfortable. Very stable. Stylish, customisable looks.


  • -

    Expensive and heavy.

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All drummers' perches are not created equal. From the wobbly tripod of the Trilok (stand, not percussionist Gurtu), to the gas-lift and all points in between, the humble drum stool hasn't escaped the twin marches of time and innovation that beguile the rest of the industry.

Ford Drums has elevated the simple butt-support to a new level with the Smart Ass seat - but does it cut the mustard, or just the cheese?


Our test duo comprised one 'moto'-style seat, finished in glowing orange with a quilted white leather-effect top, and one round seat, finished in white with red diamond pattern stitching and red piping.

The fixings for the base and backrest are made of thick steel plate, and are securely fitted to a solid wooden base. The rear of each features an embroidered Ford 'F' logo. Both come with matching back-rests and heavy-duty Gibraltar B9608S double-braced base and a custom-made bag.

Hands (buttocks) on

You cannot fail to notice the retro-themed colourways of the Smart Asses - there are over 40 two-tone combinations, and while these pair might not be to everyone's taste, we loved them.

The orange throne matched our Burnt Ochre test kit - a reminder that you can tailor yours to match your kit. Unless you're in Hugh Hefner's living room you can be sure you've got the grooviest perch in town! The contrasting stitching was impeccably finished, and the premium vinyl meant it felt like being sat in a 1950s hot rod.

Looks aside, there's one thing that strikes you about the Smart Asses - they're a weighty couple. The custom-made bags help transport duties, but it'd be nice if they came with a matching roadie!

This translates directly into stability, however, so once you've dialled in the Gibraltar base and tightened the screws, there's none of the rocking or squeaking associated with lesser seats.

The 'moto' seat offers a broad platform of support, and the advanced pressure-relieving Swedish memory foam allows your behind to sink into a comfortable position straight away.

The back-rest can be adjusted for reach, and provides ample support without allowing you to slouch. The round seat offers the same memory foam padding and back-rest in a smaller package, but with exactly the same levels of comfort, it's your choice which to go for. You're assured a pampered posterior whichever one you select!

With stunning retro looks and modern quality, the Smart Ass thrones are winners - but at a price. The memory foam padding and leather-effect finish mean they're amongst the most comfortable seats we've ever tested, and this reviewer wanted to throw out the office chairs in favour of Smart Ass seats.