Campfire Audio Honeydew IEM review

These in-ears look the part, but how do they sound?

  • £249
Campfire Audio Honeydew IEM
(Image: © Future)

MusicRadar Verdict

A very attractive bundle. There’s a low-end bias but they’re detailed and clear and you can’t ignore the quality and fitting options.


  • +

    Clear, precise sound.

  • +

    Excellent fitting options.

  • +

    Canvas carry case and cleaning tool.


  • -

    Cable is short.

  • -

    Biased towards the low end.

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Campfire Audio Honeydew IEM: What is it?

Campfire Audio products have often been noted for their aesthetic design, as well as their excellent performance and this follows through with its lower-end Honeydew IEM (in-ear monitors). 

The Honeydews come in bright, cheerful packaging that is carried through to the design of the IEMs themselves, which feature a very attractive geometric-shaped body, manufactured using 3D printing. 

A sturdy but delicate pair, sitting comfortably for extended listening sessions

Don’t worry there though, there are none of the striations you might expect to find. These are beautifully finished, lightweight and do the job very well.

They are a sturdy but delicate pair, sitting comfortably for extended listening sessions. They would actually be as much at home for listening to your favourite streaming service as in the studio or on stage.

Campfire Audio Honeydew IEM: Performance and verdict

IEMs often use custom-moulded earpieces for a perfect fit that not only add stability while moving onstage but can enhance the sound too. Being non-custom, the Honeydews may appear to have a weakness but Campfire has produced a package that will give optimum fit for the majority of users. 

Campfire Audio Honeydew IEM

(Image credit: Future)

The package contains five pairs of silicone end-pieces that slip onto the stainless steel spouts. These range from the extra small to the extra large, constructed as such that they sit neatly in the ear canal, compressing just enough to hold them in place comfortably, blocking much external sound. The removable cable hooks over the ear. 

While there is a small velcro wrap to keep things neat in the case, there is no cinch to adapt the cable in use, which is a small detail and, while not a dealbreaker, they’d be a useful addition.

Campfire Audio Honeydew IEM

(Image credit: Future)

Which brings us to the audio. The response range covers 5Hz to 18k and while they are capable of precision, delicacy and clarity, they do sound somewhat warmer than you might think. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The added warmth and character given to that bottom end doesn’t feel forced or unnatural as it can in other bass-heavy headphones. It is noticeable, but not to the point of distraction. You’ll just need to account for the reduced presence of the mid highs and respond accordingly if EQing your output. For many, this will be very welcome and at this price point it’s really not an issue. It’s common for headphones of all types to push the bass and these do it far less than some other rivals. 

At the end of the day, if you’re a casual user, wearing these around the house and for stints in a home studio, you will probably enjoy the warmth. If you need accuracy of reproduction above all else, you will probably need to have a look elsewhere. That said, if total accuracy is your top priority, it’s unlikely that a pair of IEMs at this price is in your shortlist anyway.

MusicRadar verdict: A very attractive bundle. There’s a low-end bias but they’re detailed and clear and you can’t ignore the quality and fitting options.

Campfire Audio Honeydew IEM: The web says

"Campfire Audio's Honeydew earphones deliver a rich, bass-forward sound signature for those seeking a little more low-end response from their in-ear monitors."

Campfire Audio Honeydew IEM: Hands-on demos




Campfire Audio Honeydew IEM: Specifications

  • Custom 10mm full range dynamic driver, optimised 3D printed acoustic design, compact comfort, detachable cable.
  • CONTACT: Campfire Audio