Zultan announces FX-laden AEON Series cymbal line-up

Zultan AEON
(Image credit: Zultan Cymbals)

Zultan cymbals has announced the release of its brand new AEON cymbal range, featuring a B25 bronze alloy and 20 cymbals - including stacks and FX models - that it says will work for any style of music.

All AEON series cymbals are handmade in Turkey and are hand-hammered, while the bell of each cymbal remains natural. This, combined with the B25 bronze alloy (75% copper, 25% tin) adds-up to what Zultan describes as a “bright and shimmering sound with earthy tones and longer decay, suitable for any musical styles”.

The AEON range comprises twenty cymbals, split into Crash, Ride, Hi-Hats and FX categories, and a set including 15” hi-hats, a 22” ride and 18” crash with a Zultan cymbal bag included.

Zultan AEON Series: full line-up

Zultan AEON

(Image credit: Zultan Cymbals)

Crash Cymbals

• 18” Thin Crash

• 19” Thin Crash 

• 20” Thin Crash

• 20” Crash

• 19” Crash

• 18” Crash

• 17” Crash

Ride Cymbals

• 20” Light Ride

• 21” Light Ride

• 22” Light Ride

• 22” Ride

• 21” Ride

• 20” Ride

FX Cymbals

• 10” Splash

• 14” FX Stack

• 16” FX Stack

• 14” FX Crash

• 16” FX Crash

• 18” FX Crash


• 14” Hi-Hats

• 15” Hi-Hats

Prices start at £85/$98/€98, and the AEON series is available now.

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