Zultan Cymbals launches new YouTube channel

Zultan Cymbals has launched a brand new YouTube channel, where you can learn more about the brand and its ranges. The channel includes products demos, comparisons of Zultan’s ranges, playthroughs, lessons and more.

While Zultan might be a relative newcomer in the UK, the company was actually first launched in Germany 20 years ago by brothers Martin and Johannes Hoffman via Martin’s music store, Musik-Service Aschaffenburg.

The brothers set out with a goal to offer high-quality cymbals at affordable prices, and now, 20 years on, Zultan continues to realise this goal with an 11-strong line-up of cymbals aimed at drum kit players, plus an orchestral range.

Working with B20 bronze (80% copper, 20% tin) for the majority of its line-up, plus B25 (25% tin) for the CS range, every Zultan series - apart from the entry-level Aja line-  is hand hammered in Turkey using traditional casting, hammering and milling techniques.

Zultan Cymbals: series overview

Scroll through the gallery below to see each series in the Zultan product range

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