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You might as well jump on this Black Friday Van Halen EVH 5150 pedal deal

(Image credit: EVH)

If you want to nail the Van Halen sound, you need this MXR EVH 5150 Limited Katakana Edition Overdrive Pedal. And even if you just want great rock and metal sounds, you need it too with this special Black Friday music deal

Based on the blue channel from the legendary 5150 amp that Eddie Van Halen made magic with, as well as plenty of iconic metal acts, this special MXR EVH 5150 Limited Katakana Edition Overdrive Pedal currently going for $199 on the EVH site, but Sweetwater are offering it for $129.99 with $70 off.

We ain't talkin' 'bout love - we're talking about a bargain here! 

Rob Laing

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